About Chapter 101

Chapter 101 was formed in 1961 by a group of aviation enthusiasts, aircraft builders and owners with the intent to share ideas, exchange information, support and assistance with like-minded people, while providing a central location and meeting place to get together.

As our group has grown, we have participated in and supported programs which promote and encourage all forms of aviation.

Currently, chapter members individually own a total of thirty-three factory built airplanes, have thirteen homebuilt airplanes flying and thirty-eight homebuilt or restoration projects under construction.

Benefit's of Chapter Membership

  • Access to a network of information and problem solving pertaining to building, restoring and maintaining aircraft.
  • The fellowship of people who share similar interests.
  • Social activities that include family and friends.
  • The opportunity to participate in programs that encourage young people to develop an enthusiasm for aviation.
  • Members enjoy free use of an extensive aviation related video and print library.
  • Access to EAA's Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor programs which are a source of aircraft building and flying experience and knowledge that is available to members working on individual construction or restoration projects.
  • EAA flying start program - information, support and encouragement for those wanting to learn to fly.